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RIMO Twinstructor

Fun for 2

The RIMO twin kart will prove its superiority do to our high manufacturing quality level, long lifetime and low maintenance costs. Safety for the drivers and good handling capabilities were the two important aspects during the development. This kart will be your preferred multi purpose vehicle.

For people who drive for the first time or persons who do not quit yet trust their own skills as a race driver, this kart will be a safe and controlled entrance into the world of karting.

Now kart racing will be for the whole family. Not only inexperienced drivers will find the use for this kart. Not to neglect the drivers comfort, the rear axle could be equipped with an adjustable suspension as an option.

A safe and reliable product for all users, from amusement parks to private owners. Also for experienced drivers the kart will be a weapon for the race against time. Together with an instructor you can get to know the track better and improve your lap times then you race the rental karts.

And guess what! Now you can drive with a "handicap". Due to the middle mounted rear engine and our patented, world wide famous side mounted fuel tank, the RIMO Twinstructor Kart offers you the perfect balanced kart. With this model you complete your RIMO rental kart fleet.

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Technical Data:

Frame: 31.8 mm frame made with special alloy and heat-threated for strength and longevity
Drive Shaft: 30 mm rear axle with 3 bearing housings for easy mounting of rear axle
Brake: Hydraulic, double-piston brake, self adjustable
Safety: ø 27 mm double-tube protection and rear axle cover fiberglas
Drive: Chain
Engine: 6,6 KW (9 HP) Honda GX 270 with wet clutch and reduction gear box
Weight: 149 kg
(Twinstructor standard)
Dimensions: 1900 / 1530 / 600 mm
(W / L / H)

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